MOKcast can be used for all kinds of fracture treatment and orthopedic redression bandages, for the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries, serous soft-tissue injuries, for treatment of diabetic gangrene and for physiotherapeutic purposes which have been treated so far with plaster or rigid-cast. This can happen for purely conservative treatment or as support for surgical therapy. The amount of time elapsed since the injury, the kind of - or the extent - of the injury do not matter any more if the MOKcast technique is used.

Indications: Upper limb: Lower limb:
Thumb cast
Humerus brace
Upper arm cast
Radial 2 finger cast
Radius / forearm
Ulna 3 finger cast
Inner forearm splint
Ankle brace
Big toe
Metatarsal shoe
Thigh cast
Tibia brace
Lower leg

The semiflexible material properties of MOKcast can be a disadvantage if the principle of "wedging of a cast to correct position" is used.

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