The application of a MOKcast primarily serves the well-being and the comfort of the patient.
With MOKcast as definitive, straight-through primary treatment, the classic plaster cast is redundant. From the first day of treatment the patient can enjoy the comfort of a lightweight and thin cast bandage.

Advantages to the patient:

  • Reduced weight ( about 1/6 of a plaster cast).
  • Hygienic through a removable and washable bandage.
  • More mobility.
  • Shorter Rehab-times after removal of the Cast.
  • Removal of Cast possible with scissors / no electric saw necessary.
  • The Use of own shoes / sandals is possible.

Advantages to the user:

  • Economic.
  • Quick and clean application through easy to use technique.
  • No renewal of Cast necessary / Renewal of Cast is obsolete during a treatment.
  • Cutting with scissors possible. No electric saw is necessary.
  • Adaptable to every degree of swelling.
  • One material for all indications.
  • Not harmful to the envirement.

Medical Advantages:
MOKcast allows an exact and localised fracture stabilisation which in many cases can forgo immobilisation of the proximal or distal joints. This acts as prophylaxis against muscular atrophy and thrombosis. The Cast can be taken of and reapplied multiple times and so aids the accompanying compression-therapy of the surrounding soft tissue areas. Just as the Rehab-time after the healing of the fracture is reduced through physiotherapy.
Wound and skin controls are easily possible under the Cast. The healing process can be easily controlled and documented. The Cast is x-ray transparent without any shadows and without the need to increase the x-ray dosage. The danger of pressure areas through hard and sharp edges on the Cast is minimised. The Rehab-time with physiotherapy needed by the patient after fracture healing is reduced.

All the demands placed on a stabilising Cast, which are necessary for an optimal and complication free healing process, are fulfilled by MOKcast.
Furthermore, MOKcast permits flexibility and brings individual adaptability to different soft-tissue situation into the treatment of fractures.
The principle of Fracture-Bracing can so be used from the first day of treatment.

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